Below are listed the various ways we know to contact lost buddies and other information we feel might be helpful to those of us not actively connected to the Marine Corps. We hope they will be of help to you. We also appreciate any suggestions or information you may have that would add to the value of this page.


The Marine Corps will not give out the address of retired Marines; however, it has a mail forwarding service that can be useful provided you have the correct name of the retiree and, hopefully, his or her service number. The forwarding service can identify mail addressed to an officer far easier than one addressed to an enlisted Marine simply because of the size of the data base for the two groups. Further, a great deal depends on the name of the individual one is attempting to reach. The service can identify a retiree quickly if they have an uncommon name plus some other information such as approximate dates of service or date of retirement, etc. Personnel with common names, such as Smith, Jones, Johnson, etc., are extremely difficult to identify without their service number unless they have an extremely rare first name and fairly accurate period of service or date of retirement.  Write a letter to the retiree you want to contact. Seal it in a stamped envelope with only his or her known rank and name, (first name, middle initial and last name), shown on the envelope. The forwarding service will then complete the address if it can identify the individual you seek. Also Include your return address on the envelope so that your letter will be returned to you if not deliverable.

Write a letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps at the below address. In it provide data that will help identify the retired Marine. The individual's service number (which has been their Social Security Number since about 1969) is the best identification. Include any service number that you know the individual had prior to 1969. Include such information as Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), approximate dates of service, approximate date of retirement, last known address, and anything else you think might help identify the retiree you are trying to contact.

Place the envelope containing your letter to the retiree and your letter to the Commandant in an envelope addressed  to: